Our firm has Four Certified General Appraisers qualified for right-of-way/easement appraisals. We provide real estate appraisals, appraisal review, negotiation services, and project management for a variety of right-of-way projects ranging from simple strip easements to complicated partial takings which results in damages to the property’s remainder.

We have been providing real estate appraisal services to lenders for fifteen years. We have provided appraisal services to most of the lenders in the St. Louis Business Journal Book of List’s top commercial lenders. We have earned a reputation among these lenders for quality appraisal services with quick turn around times.

This branch of our appraisal practice revolves around appraisal services for legal and accounting purposes. We have served attorneys, accountants , corporations and private owners by providing valuations for a variety of purposes including divorce cases, bankruptcy, real estate tax assessment appeal , estate planning and asset management.